Child Protection | The Agenda 2030 and Tourism
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    19th March 2021 - 4th Online Seminar

    Child protection in a new tourism era: Challenges and ways forward post COVID-19

    COVID-19 pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges to the implementation of children’s rights across all regions of the world. The crisis has been and is still affecting individuals and communities as well as businesses and economies – with tourism being a sector that is extremely challenged. As a consequence, families and children are more vulnerable than ever – their protection needs special attention in the re-start of tourism.  Tourism developments and strategies that protect and empower children, will provide an enabling environment for the necessary transformation of tourism.

    In our seminar we want to understand and discuss:

    1. How COVID-19-induced changes in travel and tourism will affect children`s well-being and what is necessary to ensure child protection as tourism re-starts?
    2. What are measures to enhance efforts to protect children?
    3. What mechanisms should be strengthened in order to avoid negative impacts on children in the future?

    Child rights and tourism experts will analyze current trends in travel and tourism and how they affect children. Community representatives, child rights advocates, NGOs and businesses will show good examples to ensure child protection during and after the pandemic. Please join the event and get inspired to take action in your sphere of influence. While global in scope, this online-seminar will enable learning and exchanges beyond borders.

    Please click on the image to be redirected to the complete recording of the seminar.


    Joyatri Ray - Director of Equitable Tourism Options, India (moderator)
    Gabriela Kühn - Head of Programme, ECPAT International, Thailand
    Michelle Oliel - Stahili Foundation, Kenya/Netherlands
    Rob Oliver - Stahili Foundation, Kenya/Netherlands
    Damian Brosnan
    - The Code
    Zorana Parezanovic - Atina, Serbia
    Leidy Mercedes Rivera Castillo - MAIS, ECPAT, Dominican Republic
    Juan Fernando Viveros García
    - ECPAT, Mexico
    , Phillipines