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    17th June 2021 - 5th Online Seminar

    Precarious futures for gender equality in the post-COVID tourism world

    COVID-19 pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges to individuals and communities across all regions of the world. With tourism being a sector that is extremely challenged, it is vital to shed a light on the situation of women in the tourism industry: Precarious working conditions, unfavorable gender relations that underpin the power structures of tourism and the severe structural forms of gender-based discrimination are endemic in the tourism sector. COVID-19 pandemic has even made the situation for women worse. At the same time it offers an important time to discuss how to re-start in a responsible manner. The transformation of tourism is not possible without transforming gender relations in tourism –both in employment and in the broader community spheres.

    In our seminar women’s rights and gender experts in tourism will discuss:
    - Which trends are currently influencing the development of tourism and how are they affecting women.
    - What is necessary to support gender empowerment during and after the COVID-crisis.
    - What mechanisms should be strengthened in order to avoid an increasing precariousness of women working in tourism in the future.

    Stroma Cole, Director of Equality in Tourism, UK (moderator)
    Angela Kalisch, Chair of Equality in Tourism, UK
    Baiq Sri Mulya (Lia), Women in Tourism Indonesia, Director of SembaluNina
    Ernest Cañada, Coordinator of Alba Sud, Spain
    Khawla Zainab, Research Associate, IT for Change, India